Child star Jaimee Foxworth and her mother

In the '90s, the squeaky-clean sitcom Family Matters topped television ratings. Jaimee Foxworth, the child actress who played Judy Winslow, was living the Hollywood dream. She was making audiences laugh alongside Urkel, a cultural icon of the times, and making great money.

But Jaimee's child stardom didn't last long. After only three seasons, Jaimee was let go from Family Matters, and she struggled to adjust to her new life.

Her family's money problems quickly mounted, and suddenly, Jaimee says, she was broke. Jaimee says she turned to alcohol and her life spiraled out of control.
Jaimee Foxworth discusses her fall from grace.

Once an innocent child star, Jaimee found herself entering into the seedy underworld of porn. At age 19, she says she agreed to do a photo shoot for a swimsuit calendar. When she arrived at the studio, Jaimee realized there was more money to be made in the adult film industry.

Intoxicated and feeling pressured by her boyfriend to come up with some cash, she agreed to do an explicit sex scene with another actress. During this time, Jaimee recounts that her "self-esteem was just completely to the floor."

"It was, to me, the quickest money," Jaimee says. "I was so naïve, and I was drinking."

After living the life of a child star, Jaimee says she didn't have any skills to fall back on, and working at a fast food joint wasn't an option that she considered. "I'd never lived a normal childhood," she says. "I always went to auditions."

Jaimee remembers feeling ridiculous and degraded after making a porn film, but she never thought anyone would find least not for a few years.
Jaimee Foxworth and Oprah talk about regrets.

Once Jaimee realized her secret was out, she knew she had to tell her mother.

"That was the hardest thing," she says. "But it was a relief. Once she found out, she didn't reprimand me, she didn't yell at me, she said, 'I still love you, and we have to deal with this.'"

In no time, Jaimee's steamy sex scene was all over the Internet. It was also duplicated in more than a hundred adult films. The wholesome star of Family Matters now had a risqué reputation to overcome.

"I couldn't hold my head high," Jaimee says. "I couldn't walk around and say, 'My name is Jaimee Foxworth' without someone saying, 'Ew,' or, 'We heard about you'. That's the most degrading part. I lost all my confidence. I lost all my self-esteem. I lost friends. I lost some family members."
Child star Jaimee Foxworth has a message for young girls.

Jaimee wants to share her mistake with the world so she can take responsibility for her actions and send a message to young women...especially those thinking about a career in the entertainment industry.

"When I was on Family Matters, I thought the money was never going to stop," Jaimee says. "I thought I was never going to be broke. So I say to young girls, always have another option. Try to go for your dreams. Don't try to be just what you see on TV."

If she had stayed in school and gone on to college, Jaimee says she may have been an acting coach or a doctor after her sitcom stardom faded.
Sassy was hired to perform at Landon Jr.'s party.

For their son's 16th birthday, Anette and Landon planned a big bash complete with food, friends—and a mystery guest. To surprise her son Landon Jr. and the other partygoers, Anette hired a stripper. After a few hours of watching the stripper, Sassy, perform topless, things heated up even more. The guests, many of whom were underage, collected $150 for the stripper to take it all off. When Sassy lost her bottoms and began to dance stark naked, mom Anette left the room. However, her other son, 14-year-old Brandon, stayed with a camera, taking graphic pictures.

The story might have ended right there, but it didn't. Anette took the film to the neighborhood pharmacy for developing. Two hours later, police were at her door because of the explicit nature of the photographs.

Today, Anette is a convicted criminal. She pled guilty to the use of a minor for obscene purposes. Landon also pled guilty to contributing to the delinquency of a minor and spent 11 hours in jail.
Anette and Landon talk about their regrets.

Anette says she doesn't regret hiring the stripper, but she does regret having the photos developed. "The way I feel about things in life with kids is: If they're going to do something—try something—I want them to do it while I'm around," Anette explains. "I know they're safe."

Landon, who says he was initially opposed to having a stripper at his son's birthday party, says he regrets not taking action to stop the stripper's performance. "I would not let it happen again," Landon says. "I know I would literally fight to stop it."

Both Anette and Landon agree that the consequences have wreaked havoc on their lives. In addition to legal woes, the couple says they have suffered financially and emotionally. When news of the party became public, Landon says it cost him his house-painting business and the family almost lost their home. Anette says she feared losing her children and suffers from depression.
Dr. Robin talks to Anette and Landon.

Dr. Robin says Anette and Landon are good parents, but they dropped the ball on this particular issue. "You somehow collapsed under the peer pressure," she tells Landon. "You got scared. What I really want us to be aware of is where we can go wrong when we get scared; what peer pressure can take us into."

"There is a wisdom in you that you turned off," Dr. Robin tells Anette. "It's got to get reactivated because I keep hearing you're trying to protect your kids and then you also expose them to the very thing you're trying to save them from."
Anette, Landon and Oprah

Despite their good intentions, Anette and Landon put their children at serious risk by hiring the stripper, Dr. Robin says. "What happened is that your kids and other people's children got violated," Dr. Robin says. "You know what was violated? Not just their minds, not just their bodies, but their spirits got violated that night."

Oprah agrees with Dr. Robin, adding that the couple's decision to hire a stripper can send mixed messages to their sons. "I know what you want—as a good person—are sons who are kind and respectful toward women," Oprah says. "To do that, you want to raise men to have relationships with women—not to feel that you can just go out and get yourself a stripper and have yourself a piece."
Dr. Robin on moving forward.

Moving forward, Dr. Robin says there are important takeaways for Anette and Landon. "We have to be able to say, 'What I did yesterday I don't want to do again. Not just because I got caught, but because it doesn't represent who I am, who I want my kids to be.'"

Dr. Robin says there's a bigger picture to be looked at too. "You got sucked into something ... which is really a country that is really warped and distorted around respect and honor of women," she says. "You're victims to that."