Jaimee Foxworth and Oprah talk about regrets.

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Once Jaimee realized her secret was out, she knew she had to tell her mother.

"That was the hardest thing," she says. "But it was a relief. Once she found out, she didn't reprimand me, she didn't yell at me, she said, 'I still love you, and we have to deal with this.'"

In no time, Jaimee's steamy sex scene was all over the Internet. It was also duplicated in more than a hundred adult films. The wholesome star of Family Matters now had a risqué reputation to overcome.

"I couldn't hold my head high," Jaimee says. "I couldn't walk around and say, 'My name is Jaimee Foxworth' without someone saying, 'Ew,' or, 'We heard about you'. That's the most degrading part. I lost all my confidence. I lost all my self-esteem. I lost friends. I lost some family members."