After hearing from scores of people who asked him to donate some of his winnings to their favorite charities, Stephen says he wondered if there could be a way to make his winnings go even further. "I thought, 'What if I could do that? What if there's a way to actually put money in people's pocket and do exactly what Oprah Winfrey did for me?' Give them money and say, 'Give it to whatever you want.'"

Stephen says this prompted him to start GiveBack, an organization which allows people to easily start their own personal foundation or charitable savings account. A GiveBack user can donate directly to his or her foundation with a tax-deductible gift and give away the money to an accredited charity whenever they want. Or, when someone with a GiveBack account makes a purchase from one of the 450 participating national companies, that company will donate a percentage of the sale back to the person's foundation account.

"We've got every major company," Stephen says. "They're all participating. So do all your shopping through, and I will tell you this: You'll have more money to give, and you'll change the world."
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