Looking toward her future, Betty says she consults her to-do list—not a bucket list. "I'm just blessed with good health, and I'm having a ball because I love what I'm doing," she says.

So what would Betty most like to do next? "My answer is always ... Robert Redford," she says. "Bless his dear heart, he's heard me take his name in vain for decades. And he wrote me a very sweet congratulation note when I got the Lifetime Achievement Award from [the Screen Actors Guild]. I was thrilled. I haven't stopped ringing his doorbell since."

Betty, who is also a passionate animal activist, says she's grateful for every opportunity. "My life is divided in two parts—half animal work and half show business," she says. "So when you're lucky enough to be doing the two things you like best, that is my to-do list. It's such a blessing."


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