Will Ferrell

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Will Ferrell
This Saturday Night Live alum has starred in a string of blockbuster hits since leaving the weekly sketch show, showcasing his unique brand of playful humor.

In addition to working with fellow comedians like Chris Kattan, Mike Myers and Steve Carell, Will has also worked with some of Hollywood's dramatic actors, including Nicole Kidman. During his 2005 appearance on The Oprah Show, he recalled his first meeting with Nicole, his Bewitched co-star, on the set of her movie The Stepford Wives.

"We had like five minutes because you were about to go start shooting again," Will told Nicole. "We were both, like, 'Hello. How are you?' And then I just started talking...and you said, 'I just saw Old School. I thought it was very funny.' And then there was a big silence, and you just started laughing. So I said, 'What? Are you thinking about my butt right now?'"

Will and Nicole Kidman on their movie Bewitched