Steve Carell

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Steve Carell
Whether he's starring on one of television's funniest shows—The Office—as the bumbling boss at Dunder Mifflin or acting on the big screen alongside some of Hollywood's most hilarious, Steve Carell never fails to make us laugh.

Though Steve is known for his comedic timing and improv skills, he said he doesn't feel pressure to live up to the hype. "If you ever invited me to a cocktail party, I would so go against [the image people have of me]," he told Oprah in April 2010. "I never really thought of myself as funny, per se. ... I don't sit and watch myself and say, 'Damn, that is hilarious.'"

The people Steve does find funny are Steve Martin, John Cleese and Peter Sellers, he said. "Those are people that I emulate and respect."

Steve and Tina Fey