Oprah and Gayle King heard Bernard's invitation loud and clear—and decided to give him a chance to make his dreams come true.

While selling tickets outside the Chicago Theatre, a local news crew was filming Bernard for the local news...or so he thought. Suddenly, a black SUV pulled up with a very special surprise inside—Gayle King! "Are those two seats still available, Mr. LaChance?" she says.

Watch Gayle surprise Bernard.  Watch

Bernard is literally left speechless as Gayle delivers some news. "Oprah's going to be out of the country June 6, the date of your concert," she says. "Because she can't come to your concert, she would like to know if you would come on The Oprah Winfrey Show and make your American debut."

"I can't believe this," Bernard says. "I'm shaking like a fool."


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