Now, Bernard has his sights set on the United States—and he wants one very special guest in his audience. "I said to myself, 'I'm going to find a way to get Oprah,'" he says.

Using his entire savings, Bernard rented out the historic Chicago Theatre for his U.S. stage debut, which cost him $18,000. Though he had $18,000 in Canadian money, he needed just a little more to meet the American dollar. "I realized that I had to go back to sell some CDs," he says. "I sell my CDs myself, one by one."

Bernard hit the streets to sell seats, but he knew he needed to do something special to get Oprah's attention. With that in mind, Bernard posted a video on YouTube to introduce himself. "Listen, Oprah, I have two very good tickets here in the middle of the main floor ... for you and your friend Gayle," he says. "That would be my honor if Oprah Winfrey would come and check off her seats on my T-shirt."


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