Since he was a young boy in Quebec, Canada, singer Bernard LaChance knew he was destined for the stage. Although he doesn't have a record deal, the French Canadian has managed to sell out theaters in Canada's largest cities and has sold 30,000 CDs all by himself.

Without an agent, manager or record label, Bernard takes a personal sales approach to selling tickets, which he perfected when he was short on cash to rent Quebec City's Le Captiole. "They were asking $3,000. I had no money in my account. So I wrote them a check to give me the tickets," he says.

Racing to sell tickets before his check bounced, Bernard made a T-shirt with a seating chart on it and sold tickets on the street. He let people listen to his music, and crossed off their seats on his shirt. "It was my aha! moment," he says. "I sold $3,000 of tickets, I put the money in the account, and Monday the check got through."

Bernard then took his new t-shirt idea to Montreal and Toronto—where he sold out every concert!


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