Oprah and Lisa Ling

Oprah and Lisa Ling prepare before the taping of an Entire Family Addicted to Heroin begins.
Dean and Nate Berkus

Oprah gets a quick touch-up from her makeup artist while she chats with the audience during Christina Applegate: Why She Had a Double Mastectomy .
Oprah and Christina Applegate

Oprah and Christina greet each other before the show begins.
Dr. Philomena McAndrew, Oprah and Dean

Oprah and Christina's oncologist, Dr. Philomena McAndrew, chat during a commercial break.

Before the taping of An Overwhelmed Mom's Deadly Mistake begins, Oprah takes a few minutes to welcome the audience.
Dean and Oprah

Dean, the stage manager, joins Oprah onstage while she gets to know members of the audience.
The Oprah Show set

Harpo crew members prepare the stage and make sure every camera, light and microphone is in the perfect place.

Oprah walks out to begin taping the show Queen Latifah, Dakota Fanning, Alicia Keys: The Secret Life of Bees Cast —but she'll wait for cameras to role before she puts on those sky-high stilettos!
Oprah and Dean

While Oprah says hello to the audience, Dean makes sure she's standing in the right spot for the cameras.
The Secret Life of Bees cast and Oprah

The Secret Life of Bees' cast: Sophie Okonedo, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, Dakota Fanning and Queen Latifah chat during a commercial break.
Suze Orman, Ali Velshi and Oprah

Money expert Suze Orman and CNN's senior business correspondent Ali Velshi chat with Oprah between segments during Oprah Friday s Live with Suze Orman and Dr. Maya Angelou