Oprah greets Flint Waters.

Before beginning a frank discussion about online sex crimes on the show Internet Predators: How Bad Is It? , Oprah greets Flint Waters, commander of the Wyoming Internet Sex Crimes Against Children Task Force.

After the show, Oprah thanks audience members for coming from all over the country to attend a taping of The Oprah Show.
Harpo security

Backstage, a member of Harpo's security team guards the studio door prior to the taping of Dr Oz: The Woman with the 140-Pound Tumor .
Dr. Oz and Oprah

Dr. Oz and Oprah prepare to tackle questions about recent medical mysteries.
Dr. Oz and James

Five-year-old James, an aspiring doctor and Dr. Oz fan, meets his role model for the first time.
Oprah and Gwyneth Paltrow

A cameraman goes in for a close up of Oscar® winner Gwyneth Paltrow during the show How Gwyneth Paltrow Got That Body! Plus, Chef Mario Batali .

Oprah jokes with the audience before welcoming chef Mario Batali to the show for the first time.
Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah, Mario Batali and Harpo staffers

As Mario prepares to cook up authentic Spanish dishes for Gwyneth and Oprah, production designers gather around to look over the ingredients.
M. Gary Neuman

Marriage counselor M. Gary Neuman talks to men and women in the audience prior to taping his second infidelity show of the season, How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage: Why Men Cheat Part 2 .

Oprah kicks off her heels and chats with the audience after the show wraps.
Ty Pennington and Oprah

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition host Ty Pennington waves hello to fans during a break in the show Charice and Celine, Plus Oprah's Book Club Pick .
Oprah's Book Club team

Members of the Oprah's Book Club team distribute the latest selection, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, to the audience.