Mattie Stepanek

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Mattie Stepanek
Amy says "hands down" her favorite guest is Mattie Stepanek. Though he was just 13 at the time and suffered from a rare form of muscular dystrophy, Mattie was determined to change the world. "When I got on the phone with him I was just so moved by his spirit, his incredible intelligence. He was just this amazing little boy."

Mattie was a published poet at 9, and Oprah says that his wisdom was so amazing that she "could do a book of the e-mails he sent me."

Mattie did not disappoint. Talking about wishes that he had, he said, "They were things that would last forever. Going to Disney World ends in a week. Having a shopping spree lasts for a day. But being able to talk to Jimmy Carter, being able to have my books published. Being able to talk to you here today lasts forever."

Sadly, Mattie passed away before he turned 14. We will always miss this phenomenal poet, peacemaker, philosopher and friend.