It was one of the biggest moments of our season 25 so far. Six friends on a cross-country road trip thought they were heading to their hotel to get ready to be in the Oprah Show audience the next day...but Oprah Show producers had a different plan—to get the ladies' driver to drive them right onto Oprah's set!

Oprah says when she first heard the idea for this surprise from co-producer Brian Piotriowicz and senior producer Jenna Kostelnik, she didn't think it was possible. After a little convincing earned Oprah's approval, Brian says the truth hit him—he not only had to organize the surprise, he had to keep it secret too. "Two weeks I was living with it and lying to the ladies the whole time," he says. "I was going to throw up."

Watch the behind-the-scenes drama that made this surprise work.

Jenna says when the stunt worked to perfection, she felt nothing but relief. "I was just so nervous about it all working out. There were so many things that could have gone wrong," she says. "I was just, 'Whew.'"

"Did you want to say to me a big 'I told you so'?" Oprah says. "I would do it here on national television."

"You would? I told you so!" Jenna says.


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