Oprah says Season 25 will show the world what she already knows. "You know how James Brown used to say, 'I'm the hardest-working man in show business'? James Brown ain't got nothing on these people," Oprah says. "The Oprah Show staff, hands down, is the best team in television."

Senior producer Candi Carter leads one of several production groups that put together an episode of The Oprah Show every two weeks. She's also the mother of two young children. "For us to live up to the standard of Oprah and to be able to literally change people's lives, I mean the bar is really high. I feel like we're putting on an awards show every two weeks," she says. "But the sacrifice that we make is worth it. This year three little girls are no longer being molested because of a show that I produced."

Candi's team worked on the groundbreaking two-part show that featured 200 men speaking out about how they had been abused as children. "Do you know how hard it is to get 200 men to agree to come to an audience and say they were abused?" Oprah says. "Her team worked for three months on the phone all day and all night."


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