Oprah says her show never would work without a "fearless leader." "I'm at the head and right underneath me is the executive producer of this show, Sheri Salata, who is in the control room," Oprah says. "Sheri lost her beloved brother last year around Christmastime and has family members dealing with cancer. And in spite of all of that, she's here every day and one of the last people to leave every night. You are our leader. Thank you so much!"

Season 25 premieres on OWN on Saturday night, January 1, at 8/7c. Then, watch new episodes every Friday night at 8/7c.

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"I think that we deserve mindful television that will never tear people down," Oprah says. "That is what we want to do; that is our intention for doing this network. And I'd love your support."


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