While filming at Wynonna and Naomi Judd's family farm in Franklin, Tennessee, senior field producer Becky Liscum saw the Judd family dynamics up close. "Within 10 seconds of being in their presence, the dynamics between those two are just fireworks, you know? They get on each other, and now since they've been in so much therapy, they have the language to get back at each other," Becky says. "It's just hysterical. There's competition between the two of them, and you can spot it a mile away."

Oprah says this dynamic is exactly why she decided to make the Judds the subject of an OWN reality show, scheduled to air in 2011. "I just didn't want to do reality shows for reality shows' sakes. I was interested in the dynamics of human relationships," she says. "What is going on between them is what's going on between a lot of mothers and daughters. There is a lot to learn from that."


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