For much of their youth, a typical day for twins Kellie and Kathie began with their mother, Lisa, telling one of them to go wake their brother Andrew. "I would go wake him up, and then he'd make me have sex with him—he'd rape me," Kellie says.

"It was very disturbing to get raped before school because you feel just disgusting. ... Andrew was just this big, strong, angry person," Kathie says. "He wasn't a brother at all. He was a monster."

After being raped, the girls say they'd go to school—one of their only escapes from the sexual abuse—before returning home to endure more sexual torture from Andrew. Once, while Andrew was raping Kellie in the family's dark basement, their other older brother Matthew walked in.

"His first instinct was to get [Andrew] off of me," Kellie says. "But soon after, he started doing the same thing."

"Kellie and I shared bunk beds and every other night, [Matthew] would take either Kellie or I at all hours of the night," Kathie says. 

With both brothers taking turns sexually abusing them, Kellie and Kathie say home never felt safe.

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