Lieutenant Jeff Gilmore also worked the Henderson case, and like Sergeant Mattingly, he's been profoundly affected by the details of the girls' abuse and their family members' reactions. "I'd been with the police department for about nine years, but this, without a doubt, is the most horrendous sexual abuse case that I ever worked," Lt. Gilmore says.

Lt. Gilmore and his partner, Detective Chris Zandler, interviewed Andrew following his arrest. Lt. Gilmore says that Andrew would only give one-word answers to their questions until he ultimately confessed to sexually abusing his sisters for years.

"At one point during the interview—the interrogation—[Andrew] got angry and raised his voice at us. He looked at both of us and he yelled, 'You know, this is legal in Alabama!'" Lt. Gilmore says.

As the interview with Andrew progressed, Lt. Gilmore says Andrew made another startling statement. "He said, 'Well, my father's doing this too. It's okay.'"

At the end of the interview, Lt. Gilmore asked Andrew what he would like to see happen next. "Andrew looked at me with conviction, and he said, 'I'd like to spend more quality time with my sisters,'" Lt. Gilmore says.

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