Chastity Bono, the golden-haired daughter of singing supercouple Sonny Bono and Cher, first won America's hearts at age 2 when she appeared on her parents' smash hit variety show, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour.

As the only child of the iconic couple, Chastity grew up in the shadow of her parents' fame. Their picture-perfect TV image was shattered when Sonny and Cher divorced. Fans were crushed and Chastity's world was turned upside down.

At 18, Chastity privately revealed to her parents what she had known for years—she was a lesbian. Worried what the revelation would do to her budding music career, Chastity kept the truth hidden from the public eye. While the tabloids swirled with rumors about her sexuality, Chastity didn't come out publicly until she was 26 years old.

Then, Chastity suffered two devastating losses. In 1994, her long-time girlfriend passed away. In 1998, Sonny died in a freak skiing accident. Chastity then became addicted to prescription pills, taking so many she went into liver failure. She's been sober since 2004.

Still, no one knew Chastity was hiding another agonizing secret. In 2009, 40-year-old Chastity released a stunning statement: She was becoming a man. In May 2010, Chastity legally and physically became Chaz.

Chastity's transition is documented in the film Becoming Chaz. For nearly 16 months, cameras followed Chastity as she physically and mentally transitioned from being a woman to becoming a man. "I don't have the luxury of doing things privately," Chaz says now. "So I thought, 'Let me do the opposite and try to really help people and bring understanding and shed light on this issue that so many people just can't seem to wrap their head around."


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