One of the most satisfying parts of the surgery for Chaz was seeing his breasts removed, he says. "From the time they grew, they just felt completely wrong on my body, and I hated them," he says. "I did everything to de-emphasize them and take the attention away. They just made me incredibly uncomfortable. When they were gone, I felt physically like how I always thought I was supposed to feel."

This physical change was the first step toward a complete change in Chaz's mind and body. "I started to just feel more outgoing, more confident. Life just became so much easier," he says. "I was completely more alive."

When Chaz first transitioned, Jenny says the relationship was great. "Then there was a period where I felt he was going through a hypermasculine moment," she says. "His reactions as a man were now different than his reactions as a woman."

Watch Jenny look back at this time in Chaz's transition

Today, Jenny says Chaz is more in touch with than Chastity. "He was, and is, more in touch with his emotions. When he was in a female body, he buried his emotions," she says. "So anger, happiness, sadness, he actually felt."


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