In a way, Chaz says, Cher has to grieve for her daughter. "This is an incredibly difficult process for parents," he says. "The truth is that a lot of parents never speak to their transgender kids again. That's not the case in my family. There's no doubt about her love for me."

Today, Chaz says his mother is coming to accept his new identity. "She sent me a text this morning, and it was really nice. She's always called me Da. And when I started to [transition], she said, 'I've got to call you Da. I can't not call you that,'" he says. "But actually she wrote in her text today 'Chaz.' And that was huge. She's moving in the right direction. It's just a process."

Chaz says his mother has seen the documentary and liked it. "I think that part of it is making her really happy. Because, of course, that's all parents really want their kids to be is happy," Chaz says. "I'm proud of her for dealing with this and really making an effort. And that means a lot to me."


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