In Becoming Chaz, Cher talks about how she really feels about Chaz's decision. She admits it's not easy to let go of her little girl. "It's hard because when she was young, she was just like the cutest girl, and I made clothes for her," Cher says. "She was just my little girl. And then later I thought, 'She's just a real tomboy.'" 

Watch Cher discuss Chaz's transition

Still, Cher looked inside herself to realize how important this transition was for Chaz. "This is the thing that makes me know how important it is: I like being a woman so much. If I woke up tomorrow and I felt like I feel, and I looked down and I was in a different body? I would be, like, 'Get me out of here.'"

Chaz says when the reality of becoming a man hit Cher, they didn't speak for months. "I was so nervous. Like I hadn't seen her and hadn't seen her, and I was putting it off," Cher says. "And my boyfriend finally said, 'This is crazy. Just do it. You've got to do it.' And I said, 'But I'm so terrified. What will happen? If I don't recognize her, what will happen?'"

Cher says at some point, she will start referring to Chaz as 'him.' "It just doesn't seem comfortable to me yet. Or actually, I just can't remember, you know? And I guess I'll just start forcing myself," she says. "But at some point, I'm sure that will make her happier."


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