Though Chaz had the breast surgery, he has no immediate plans to have genital surgery. "I find that this is a topic that everybody else is a lot more interested in than I am," he says. "I feel really good. I feel like a man now, and I'm really happy."

Chaz says that having a penis is not what being a man means to him. "For me, it was about how I was perceived in the world, that I felt one way but everybody else treated me like something else," he says. "I wanted all of this to match how I felt inside."

Chaz says he is happier now than he ever was, and more at peace with himself. "Now it's just everything is so easy and effortless. I feel like I'm on the same playing field as everybody else," he says. "I am a very happy individual."

Chaz says the changes he has undergone over the past few years have been about more than just transitioning. "This is about overcoming your fears," he says. "Triumphing and doing whatever it takes to be your authentic self." 

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