Chaz and his aunt Georganne, Cher's sister, are extremely close. Still, when Chaz told Georganne he was considering surgery, she was skeptical. "I did not understand, which was very unusual for us because we had been so close through his whole life," Georganne says. "I think for Chaz it was probably unusual for me not to just be automatically supportive. It was just something I didn't understand at the time."

Georganne says she was able to truly accept her new nephew after seeing Becoming Chaz. "I was really afraid," she says. "My husband made me go [see the movie]. He was just like, 'Don't be silly. This is Chaz. This is the soul that you know.'"

The minute she saw Chaz for the first time, Georganne says she knew their relationship would be fine. "It was my Chaz, and the soul of the person came through, and that was that," she says.

Georganne says she believes Chaz has a good understanding of how his mother—her sister—must be feeling. "I'm not a parent, so I can't speak to that, but I would suppose, as a mom, that's a process that's got to be difficult."


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