The chemistry between Robert and Barbra in the film was magnetic. "I saw her [sing] way back in the '60s, and I thought she was really, really good. Really talented. Unusual. I found her attractive in that way," Robert says. "So when Sydney talked about her playing the role, I said, 'Well, I think that's pretty interesting.'"

Before shooting the first scene, Robert says Sydney asked him to talk to Barbra in her trailer because she was nervous. Robert said no. "I said: 'It feels like that's appropriate. If she's nervous, that's good. We'll meet on the set in the scene,'" he says. "To me, that was more organic. And then, of course, as Barbra and I started to work together, it did become organic."

Barbra had similar intentions when she created her character's signature gesture—brushing aside Hubbell's bangs. "I wanted to find some gesture that I could do that I could repeat at certain times of the film," she says. "That's why I did that in the first scene, because I thought I would recreate it later when it would have more meaning."


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