The Way We Were, a film about the ill-fated love affair between an outspoken activist and a gorgeous golden boy, is considered one of the great movies of our time. The chemistry between the actors was electrifying, but Barbra and Robert have never before done an interview together...until today. Thirty-seven years after the film's debut, the still-sexy co-stars are sharing Oprah's stage.

It's hard to imagine any other actor playing the male lead, Hubbell, but Robert says he turned down the role at first. "I thought it was a good script. I thought it was great for Barbra. But the character in the initial script was, I felt, one dimensional," he says. "So [director] Sydney [Pollack] and I got together, and we worked something that felt good to me, which was a character that appeared a certain way and people would ascribe certain things to him that he didn't really know were true."

Barbra was always rooting for Robert to take the part, she says. "They were talking about other people because he had turned it down so many times," she says. "I was hoping and praying, but it didn't look good. And then, I was in Africa making a movie and ... a friend of mine at the time sent me a telegram, and it said 'Barbra, Redford,' and I knew he had signed on."


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