Despite her monumental success, Barbra says she doesn't spend much time thinking about her past. "I try to live in the moment," she says.

Barbra's continuous drive comes from the fact that she bores easily, she says, but she's also motivated by her family history. "I do think that maybe there's some psychological connection to the fact that my father died at 35," she says. "He was so incredible from what I've read about him, and he's listed in a book of leaders of great education. He was a PhD, and his life was cut short. And I think, 'What could he have accomplished?' ... What I'm surmising from my own subconscious conscious mind is that I'm almost living his life, trying to accomplish many things that perhaps he could have done."

While Barbra is hailed as one of the best voices of all time, she once told Oprah that she never intended to be a singer. "I love singing when it's me and the music alone. When I'm recording, I love singing with an orchestra, and there's nobody judging it at the moment," she says. "When you come out and perform in front of people, it's pressured. It's something else. It's 'Oh, now I'm aware you're watching me, or you've paid money to see me.' And again, I think I've said this before: I don't want to disappoint anyone."


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