Jenifer Ringer, a ballerina with the renowned New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center, strives for perfection in every aspect of her life. "It takes 100 percent to be a ballerina, 100 percent to be a wife and 100 percent to be a mother," she says.

Watch a rare backstage interview at Lincoln Center with Jenifer.

Jenifer first stepped up to the barre at 10 years old. Now 37, she has devoted her entire life to dance—pushing her physical and mental limits with every graceful movement. She says the wear and tear from years of 12-hour days has started to catch up with her. "My bones and my joints will crack and crunch," she says. "Sometimes, you know, when I lift my leg to the back it doesn't go quite as high as it used to."

Despite her physical pain, the constant pursuit of perfection keeps Jenifer going.


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