The morning after she won the Academy Award® for Best Actress, our cameras caught up with Sandra Bullock backstage at the Kodak Theatre. Why she's handling her recent Razzie win—for worst actress in the film All About Steve—in stride.

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Q: You were nominated with a really special group of women—two young newcomers and two veteran actresses. What do you think that says about acting today?

A: The pool has gotten a lot bigger. There's always going to be that there's not enough good roles, but there's just not enough good roles for everybody. But this year, there were a lot of great roles. They covered a span of ages and people types and characters. It was sweet. That's why I don't know how you can pick just one. I loved the company of the four women, and they're all extraordinary.

Q: So you were a good sport and accepted a Razzie a few days ago and now Best Actress. What was that like going from one to the other?

A: The universe, it balances. It makes sure you don't get a head that's too big. I love it. I had a great time at the Razzies. I still think they made a mistake, and I will campaign to give it back for next year's Razzies. I love it. We're in the entertainment business. If we were out curing cancer, that would be an amazing thing, but we're here to entertain, and the Razzies are entertaining and the Oscars® are entertaining. They'll sit right next to each other on the same shelf to always remind you.

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