With the painstaking work he put into Avatar, it's no surprise Cameron has a reputation of being a perfectionist. "I think of myself as a lot mellower than I used to be, but I don't think there's anybody that would work with me that would think of me as mellow," he says. "I show up in the morning, I'm excited, I'm ready to charge in, jump in, and I like to get that energy in the cast and in the rest of the team and then just go for 16, 18 hours."

In fact, Cameron only took a handful of days off in the four and a half years it took to make Avatar. "I took a half day off for the swine flu," he says. "I went in the next day even with a fever and just kept going."

When he takes time for himself, Cameron says he likes to ride dirt bikes or scuba dive. Above all, though, he loves to spend time at home. "Fun for me is hanging out with the kids. Playing Lego," he says. "My daughter's kind of a junior scientist, so we like to do little science projects together. You know, just being with the family."


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