Jonathan says a huge burden was lifted when Terry dropped the lawsuit. "It was hard to go through all this litigation with her," he says. "I'm truly sorry [about] the way things ended."

Jonathan says he had a long way to go after his 2005 interview with Terry. "Now I'm a much better person. I've grown a lot through this whole experience," he says. "I try to be a better friend to my family, my friends, and if I ever have a boyfriend or a partner, I'd be a better person to them."

Today, Jonathan says he's comfortable in his own skin. "I came from a culture [where] you suppress your feelings and you're not open to seeing different orientations, different sexualities," he says. "Now I'm embracing my sexual honesty, my truth." 

Jonathan also says he and Terry are in a better place. "She accepted me for who I am," he says. "We're not best friends, but we are friends." 


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