Looking back, Terry says she wishes she would have handled parts of the divorce differently. "I wish that I hadn't been so compelled to sue, because the anger lingered and it wore me out," Terry says. 

Terry: When I was ready to run him over, it wasn't because he was gay. I never hated his guts because he was gay. ... And that was one reason why I sued, because I hated the idea of being known as a homophobe. Jonathan deep down inside knew I wasn't homophobic. I have too many gay and lesbian friends. Too many.

Oprah: We all know why you were upset. Any reasonable person knows you were upset because you were betrayed. He lied. You were lied to.

Terry: He lied.

Oprah: Have you forgiven him?

Terry: Oh, definitely.

Watch Terry relive the moment she let her anger go


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