Australians holding their national flag
Looking for a "dunny" in the "back of beyond"? Craving a "coldie" or a "cuppa"?

If you have no idea what we're talking about, brush up on your Australian slang with this glossary! The A-Z guide to talking like a true Aussie.
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Ace: Something highly enjoyable or attractive

Amber nectar: Beer

Ankle biter: A small child

Arvo: Short for "afternoon"


Back of beyond: Far away in the outback

Barbie: Barbecue

Barney: A fight

Bloody: General all-purpose adjective, once thought profane

Bloke: Man, guy

Boozer: Someone who drinks a lot.

Bottle-o: Liquor shop

Bumbag: Fanny pack


Chewie: Chewing gum

Click: Kilometer. As in: "It's 10 clicks away."

Coldie: Can of beer

Cuppa: Cup of tea


Dag: A funny person, nerd or goof

Deadset: True, the truth

Dinkum, fair dinkum: True, real or genuine. As in: "I'm a dinkum Aussie" or "Is he a fair dinkum?"

Drongo: A dope; stupid person

Dunny: Toilet

Aussie Glossary E - H

Exy: Expensive


Fair go: A chance or fair opportunity. As in: "Give a bloke a fair go."

Fairy floss: Candy floss; cotton candy

Fat as a match: Someone who's actually thin

Fatties: Wide car tires

Flatties: Low-heeled women's shoes

Fruit loop: Fool; crazy person

Full: Drunk


Garbo (also garbologist): Garbage collector

G'day: Hello!

Give it a burl: Try it; have a go

Good oil: Useful information; a good idea

Good on ya: Good for you; well done

Greenie: An environmentalist

Grog: Liquor, beer


Hooroo: Goodbye

Hottie: Hot water bottle

Aussie Glossary I - L

Icy pole (also ice block): Popsicle


Joey: Baby kangaroo

Journo: Journalist

Jumbuck: Sheep

Jumper: Sweater


Kindie: Kindergarten

Knock: To criticize


Lippy: Lipstick

Lollies: Sweets, candy

Loo: Toilet

Lucky Country, The: Australia, where else?

Aussie Glossary M - P

Mate: Buddy or friend

Milk bar: Corner shop that sells takeaway food; like the American equivalent of 7-Eleven

Mozzie: Mosquito

Mug: Friendly insult; a gullible person


Nipper: Young surf lifeguard

No-hoper: Someone who'll never do well

Not the sharpest tool in the shed: Not intellectually savvy

No worries!: Expression of forgiveness or reassurance

Nuddy: Naked


Offsider: An assistant or helper

Oldies: Parents

O.S.: Overseas

Outback: Interior of Australia, the bush or desert country

Oz: Australia!


Pig's arse!: I don't agree with you; untrue

Piss: Alcohol

Plonk: Cheap wine

Pokies: Slot machines

Polly: Politician

Prezzy: Present or gift

Aussie Glossary Q - T 


Rager: A person who loves going out late at night to clubs

Rellie: Family relative

Ridgy-didge: Original or genuine

Ripper: Great, fantastic. As in: "It was a ripper party."

Rollie: A cigarette that you roll yourself

Roo: Kangaroo

Rotten: Drunk. As in: "I went out last night and got rotten."


Sanger: A sandwich

Scratchy: Instant lottery ticket

Servo: Gas station

Shark biscuit: Somebody new to surfing

Sheila: A woman

Shout: One's turn to buy a round of drinks. As in: "It's your shout."

Slab: A carton of 24 bottles or cans of beer

Spewin': Very angry

Spit the dummy: To get very upset at something

Sprung: To get caught doing something wrong

Spunk: A good-looking person (of either sex)

Sunnies: Sunglasses

Surfies: People who go surfing usually more often than they go to work


Tall poppy syndrome: To become successful but forget your roots or shun your friends

Tee-up: To set up or make an appointment

Thongs: Flip flops—NOT a G-string

Togs: Swimsuit

Trackies: Track suit

Truckie: Truck driver

Tucker: Food

Aussie Glossary U- Z 

Uni: University

Unit: Flat, apartment

Up yourself: Have a high opinion of oneself

Up somebody, get: To rebuke somebody. As in: "The boss got up me for being late."

Ute: Utility vehicle


Veggies: Vegetables

Vegemite: Black, yeast-based spread, typically eaten with bread or crackers

Vego: Vegetarian


Walkabout, its gone: It's lost, can't be found

Whinge: Complain

Woop Woop: Invented name for any small unimportant town; a long way from civilization. As in: "He lives in Woop Woop."

Wowser: Straight-laced person; prude



Yabber: Talk (a lot)

Yakka: Worker; as in "a hard yakka."

Yank: An American

Yewy: U-turn in traffic

Yobbo: An uncouth person


Zack: Sixpence (5 cents). As in: "It isn't worth a zack."


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