Today, Trina is not only physically lighter—she's also shed the weight of her unfaithful husband. Six months after appearing on The Oprah Show, Trevor and Trina divorced. "I felt sorry for myself, and I knew that the world felt sorry for me. I didn't want to be that girl," she says. "I wanted to re-write my own story."

Eventually, Trina says she realized she was allowing herself to be a victim, and she wanted to send the right message to her daughters.

"I needed to get myself up off that couch for those two beautiful children that I have," she says. "I had to live my best life and that meant getting up, doing something—not punishing myself anymore."

Trina kickstarted her healthy lifestyle by taking up a sport—roller derby! "That amazing sport really helped me, and it's a place for every girl of every size," she says. "They love you no matter what."

While out with her roller derby friends one night, Trina says she met a man named Mario, whom she recently married. "When somebody loves you for who they are, they make you want to be a better person," Trina says. "Mario stands by me all the time in all of my decisions."


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