It's been five years since we first heard Michelle Kramer's riveting story of love and betrayal.

Michelle was 27 when she married Dr. Mark Weinberger, a prominent nasal and sinus doctor with a lucrative private practice outside Chicago. At one point, Michelle said he was bringing in as much as $200,000 a week.

"We had a private jet," she said. "We had an 80-foot yacht. We had a five-story townhouse, a brigade of drivers. [We took] 10-day trips a month to the Mediterranean or Caribbean. Ridiculous shopping sprees."

When Weinberger and Michelle married, they celebrated with three ceremonies, including a lavish affair in Italy. "I really thought we were going to grow old together and be sipping lemonade on the porch with grandchildren," she said. "He really was my best friend."

To celebrate Michelle's 30th birthday, Weinberger invited friends and family on an extravagant yachting vacation in the Greek islands...but the joyous occasion ended in despair. When Michelle woke that first morning on the yacht, her husband had vanished. As the day progressed, Michelle says it became clear he wasn't coming back.


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