After their first Oprah Show appearance, Rochelle and John met with Dr. Phil, which Rochelle says was an eye-opener. She told Dr. Phil about her issues with her father, who was very controlling. "He would tell my mother what to do and how to do it all day long," she says. "I became my father in the hope and prayer that I wouldn't be my mother. I didn't want to be controlled, so I became controlling."

Dr. Phil told Rochelle to trust that John is not her father. "And I said, 'Oh God, why didn't somebody else say that a long time ago?'" Rochelle says. "Because that really was all I needed to hear, and that one little sentence made all the difference."

John says Rochelle is less controlling these days, and they consider themselves a happily married couple. "I am allowing the marriage to be what it is," Rochelle says.

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John and Rochelle don't have children, but they do work together. "I am a broker and he is an agent, and he does work for me," Rochelle says. John says they have their own offices in separate buildings. "If I walk into her office, I can't get out," he says. "It's, 'Do this. Get that.' And I just have to leave. It's the only way it works."


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