More than 10 years later, John and Rochelle are still together. "It's going good," John says.

Rochelle says she blames her past behavior on being a newlywed. "We got married in '99, and when I got married, I figured this is what was going to make it work, and this was how it needed to be and that was how we were going to have a nice life," she says.

John says Rochelle has always been controlling, even before they were married. "It's charming to a point," he says. 

John is the youngest in his family with two older sisters, and Rochelle says he is used to being bossed around. "He really did fit the mold really well," she says. "Today, he'll still do exactly what he's told by anyone. He follows the rules. It's in his nature to do that. But I learned that I don't need to be the one telling him what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and that it better get done right."


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