Diablo's mother, Pam, and father, Greg, say they are thrilled at her success—and are happy she has changed careers! "In the end, we're all a product of some of our experiences, and maybe without those experiences she wouldn't be where she is today," Greg says.

Diablo says Juno is based somewhat on herself, like the hamburger phone in Juno's room. When Pam first saw the phone, she says it made her cry. "[Diablo] had a hamburger phone at home, and I used to see her on it all the time, and she used to shake it because it wouldn't work properly," Pam says.

Oprah says she thinks Juno is the movie to see this year. "How did you get it to be so fresh?" she asks. "I don't know," Diablo says. "I guess, you know, when you're coming from the middle of the country and you're not part of the industry and you're just telling your own story, I think it's easy to be more original."