Diablo Cody

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The witty dialogue in Juno was written by first-time screenwriter Diablo Cody. Just six months before this talented writer sat down to write the film, Diablo says she was working as a stripper in Minnesota. "It's a bad idea because it's very cold there. You have to wear a lot of layers," Diablo jokes. "I don't recommend it. Writing movies is way better."

Although she says it wasn't her intention, stripping inspired Diablo to write a memoir about her experience. Soon enough, she was contacted by a producer. "He had read some of my writing on the Internet, and he said, 'I think you're funny, you're kind of cool, you should try writing a screenplay,'" she says. Without formal training, Diablo wrote Juno in just a couple months. "I felt like I had the skeleton of something that could be special," she says. "But then it takes amazing actors like these [Elliot Page and Jennifer Garner] to come in."