Jennifer Garner, Elliot Page and Oprah

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Like her co-star Elliot, Jennifer Garner has been receiving rave reviews for her performance as an uptight suburban wife who desperately wants a child. Did Jennifer have a hint that Juno would be such a breakout success? "You just never know," she says.

Jennifer says there was an ease to filming that made Juno something special. "Sometimes everything is a struggle, and you're always trying to find what is going to make a scene work or how to communicate with the other actors," she says. "But this was never hard. It never seemed like work at all."

Every time she watches Juno, Jennifer says she cries. "I cry at different points," she says. Jennifer tells Elliot about one particular scene that always gets to her. "I cry when you're giving birth because it just seems like a little girl shouldn't be going through that," she says. "And you play it with such vulnerability, and it kills me!"