Gary and Mindy

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A staple in almost every episode of AFV is wedding bloopers, which Tom says are his favorites. "Your wedding is the one day you want to go perfect," he says. "But when your wedding video ends up in our hands, you know it didn't."

In one classic video, a bride named Mindy is repeating her vows. "I, Mindy, take you David…"

The only problem is that her groom is named Gary! Mindy and Gary won $5,000 because she said the wrong name at the altar 10 years ago.

One question remains…who is David? "It is my baby brother who sat right in the front row with his precocious 1-year-old child [who] talked the whole ceremony," Mindy says. "My mind was going a mile a minute, and in my mind I'm saying, 'David, please take her out. David, please take her out.'"

"That's your story and you're sticking with it, right?" Tom jokes.