Since this story broke, there have been allegations in the media that the group leader, Laura Silsby, intended to make a profit on the children by charging large fees to get them placed. Jim says he doesn't know anything about those claims. "I didn't know Laura or any of the other group except for two members going into this. I met them in the Miami airport on the way over there," he says. "I didn't get any indication myself that anything like that was going on. It seemed like everyone in the group was legitimately concerned about the children and helping them."

Jim says a separate claim, that eight of the members of his group signed a note saying they were misled by Laura Silsby and that it was slipped to a television producer, is false. "That is a complete fabrication," he says. "I know that what went on with the five men—because we were together and the women were separate—we had no ill feelings toward anybody. We were all kind of part of this group and had the same intentions."


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