Jim says when ending up in jail was quite a shock, but it was manageable. "It was hard, but they treated us as well as they could with what they had," he says. "We slept on the concrete floor, but there were a lot of times where you'd think, 'We have a roof over our head; we have one meal coming to us, and it's a hot meal,' and it was actually enjoyable and good. There were a few nights when it would rain and we're laying there and the water's dripping in, just through little holes in the ceiling, and what I was thinking of at the time is that there were a million, it seemed like, people on the street. They were getting poured on and they were sleeping on the ground." 

Jim's wife, Lisa, says she never doubted that her husband would come home soon. "I thought when they get an opportunity to share their story, then they'll see that they were there for good intentions," she says. "But you can't help but be concerned with that situation."


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