Amanda's attorney, Theodore Simon, says there's no question that Amanda's was a wrongful conviction. "You just heard Curt speak about the lack of evidence in the case—it's both profound and compelling," he says. "You've already portrayed how horrific this murder scene was and it was very tragic and terrible. But there was no hair, no fiber, no footprint, no shoe print, no hand print, no palm print, no fingerprint, no saliva, no sweat, no cells, no blood, no DNA of Amanda Knox in the room where [Meredith] was found or on her body. That's virtually impossible to have occurred in this type of case." 

Though police say Amanda wrongfully accused Patrick Lumumba of the crime, her parents say this is another issue of her words being lost in translation. "There was a text message on her phone and his phone says ,'See you later.' He had called her and told her she didn't have to work and she called back saying, 'Thanks, see you later.' In the U.S., that means, 'See you tomorrow, next week, whenever.' They took that to mean, again, lost in translation, literally you're meeting up with him later today in a few hours to commit this horrible crime," Edda says. "So they kept holding that message up in front of her face and yelling at her and saying: 'We know you were meeting with him. We know he was involved.' It was the police that prompted all of that."


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