Amanda's father says that the evidence in the case points to Guede as Meredith's killer. "His evidence is all over the place. It's on Meredith, in Meredith. Fingerprints, palm prints, footprints," Curt says. "If you take a look at Amanda, there is not a fingerprint. No sweat stain, no blood, not a hair. Nothing in her room whatsoever." 

Curt says the only piece of evidence that ties Raffaele to the crime is a bra clasp. "A speck of DNA to which that particular bra clasp was photographed on November 2," he says. "It was picked up 47 days later after the crime scene had been released by the scientific police, and it was probably 5 or 6 feet across the room underneath a rug. So with people going in and out, there's an extreme possibility of contamination."


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