Amanda calls home every Saturday morning, and all of her family and friends gather at Edda's house to be there for the call. In the most recent phone call, Edda says Amanda sounded okay. "We asked her if there was anything she wanted to say and she goes, 'See if you can thank all the people that have written me or donated money to the defense fund or whatever,' because she can't. She doesn't have enough time to write everybody back and she's getting hundreds of letters from people, and she wanted to find a way to thank them," Edda says. 

Edda and Curt both say the hardest moments for them is trying to explain to Amanda why she is in this position. On one particular day, Curt says he held Amanda for 45 minutes while she cried. "I think it was one of those days [where Amanda was wondering]: 'Why is this happening to me? I haven't done anything. I've told the truth,'" Edda says. 'And how do you explain that to her? That mistakes happen and she's in the middle of this massive mistake and that it will get fixed and trying to make sure she she knows that she will get out of there.'"


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