While The Canadian Tenors perform their biggest hit, Hallelujah, the stage opens to reveal Celine, who joins in during the chorus. The men keep singing, despite the shock!

"[It was] unbelievable," Fraser says. "We've watched you for years running up the charts and been an inspiration to the world and an inspiration to us."

Remigio says he's been watching Celine sing since he was a child, and to him, her music is pure emotion. "The greatest artists, like Maria Callas, they all have this special quality that they're able to touch people's hearts," he says. "For me, that's what you do with everybody. ... For me, it's an inspiration."

Celine hopes to continue inspiring fans with her next venture—a new Las Vegas show!

"It's not a rumor. I'm going back to Las Vegas," she says. "[It's] a brand new show, 31 musicians, a big orchestra. Obviously, I'm going to be doing my hits, but also a tribute to movies, Hollywood movies with amazing visuals."

Though she can't give away many details, Celine says the show will open in March 2011. Mark your calendars!

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