While on the road, Celine filled stadiums in every corner of the world—from Dubai to Dublin. The overwhelming response proves that her music resonates with people of all races and religions.

"I don't know if everybody realizes how powerful music can be. I think it breaks every barrier," she says. "I think God has given me something to work with, a voice, and I'm just trying to serve the lyrics and the music to get messages through."

In Canada, Celine's message is heard loud and clear. This Quebec native has been performing close to home for decades, and she's inspired a new generation of singers. Four of these artists joined together to form one of the country's top-selling groups, The Canadian Tenors.

These talented singers—Victor Micallef, Clifton Murray, Remigio Pereira and Fraser Walters—are hoping to win over the American audience, which is why they traveled to Chicago for their Oprah Show debut.

Little do they know, Celine is waiting in the wings to surprise them!


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