Celine's son, R.C., saw the world alongside his mother, but after they returned home, he enrolled in his first school. Before that, Celine says her 9-year-old was home-schooled.

"This love of our life finally has his own life," she says. "He's got his own school, his own friends, his own teacher. We wake up in the morning. We drive him to school every day. He's so proud to wear his uniform."

Now, instead of touring the world, Celine spends her days shuttling her son to and from school, helping with homework and volunteering in his classroom. Some may call it a vacation, but Celine says she's never been so busy in her life.

Occasionally, this international superstar even serves as "pizza mom" at her son's school. "I love it. I mean, it sounds kind of simple. You give pizza to all the children, but I get to be in the classroom. I get to know the environment of my child," she says. "We call it a normal life, for most of people, but for me, it is extraordinary."


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