Millions of people have seen Celine Dion in concert, but only a select few know what happens behind the scenes...until now. For one year, cameras followed Celine's every move and captured every moment of her Taking Chances world tour, which spanned five continents, 25 countries and 93 cities.

At first, Celine says the footage was just for her family—a souvenir of their adventures in cities like Dublin, Tokyo, Cape Town and Shanghai. "My mom was on tour with us, and I wanted to have this forever," Celine says. Then, after seeing what the cameras captured, Celine and her husband, René [Angélil], decided to turn it into a documentary film, Celine: Through the Eyes of the World.

"It was so wonderful," she says. "René looked at this and said, 'We're not keeping this for ourselves.'"

Now, fans can see what the number one–selling artist of the decade is like from the moment she wakes up with her husband and son, René-Charles (R.C.), to the time she steps onstage.


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